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Cost Savings & Revenue Generation

An investment in a Vivreau system is a long-term investment in a healthy bottom line. For most clients, Vivreau bottling systems and Vi Taps immediately eliminate dependence on costly and wasteful and single-serve plastic bottled water.

Clients who, for a number of reasons, need bottled water to co-exist with their Vivreau system, quickly discover how eager their stakeholders are to embrace the more sustainable, transparent, and locally-sourced mains-fed solution that Vivreau represents.

Beyond eliminating the costs associated with purchasing, transporting, stocking, collecting and recycling single-serve plastic bottled products, many Vivreau clients have discovered a significant new revenue center with Vivreau bottling systems.

Guests and other stakeholders who are accustomed to buying bottled water products have proven to be highly receptive to making the switch to Vivreau. Given its purity, premium, elegant service, and great taste, Vivreau water can command a solid price point when sold in a food and beverage environment (i.e: conferences and banquets, hotel rooms, restaurants, micro markets), yielding healthy margins and paying for the Vivreau system several times over.

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