Mission and Vision

“We belong to a global family company.”

That means that we share a set of values that guides us through everything we do.

At the core of these values is the belief that through innovation, reliability, ease of use, and support, we can be the catalyst for positive change. Our products make it easy for you to embrace better health while lightening your footprint on the planet.

We distill complex challenges related to safe, enjoyable drinking water down into intuitive programs that fit any space. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to, because we know that there a million competing priorities in your business. Leave the water part to us!

Our Foundations

At its core, Vivreau is about sustainability, in every sense of that term, including environmental stewardship, human health and wellness, positive social change, and financial responsibility. Vivreau clients employ our systems to meet a variety of important objectives, oftentimes checking numerous boxes at once through the adoption of an integrated water solution.

‘Environmental Sustainability

Vivreau has been at the forefront of innovation in water sustainability for more than 30 years. Replacing traditional bottled water with Vivreau on-site bottling systems, reusable glass bottles, and Vi Taps has helped hundreds of clients become more environmentally responsible.

‘Health & Wellness

Offering unlimited still and sparkling water can be an integral part of a successful Employee Health & Wellness Program. Introducing a Vivreau water program into the workplace makes water easily accessible and encourages employees to choose water over less healthy beverages. With the many benefits of water consumption, companies gain from having a healthier workforce, resulting in reduced employee benefits costs, reduced absenteeism, and higher productivity

‘Cost Savings

An investment in a Vivreau system is a long-term investment in a healthy bottom line. For most clients, Vivreau bottling systems and Vi Taps immediately eliminate dependence on costly and wasteful and single-serve plastic bottled water.

‘Brand Building

Vivreau custom branded glass designer bottles are an unforgettable showcase for your brand, not to mention a compelling way to quickly communicate your environmental stewardship stance to a captive audience.

Our Story

Vivreau began life in the UK nearly four decades ago. At the time, European bottled water companies were taking the world by storm, carving out a niche for their products by selling images of pristine, snow-capped mountains and idyllic spas. The notion was that their water was somehow much better than your water and the lifestyle afforded to its drinkers became aspirational.

Ultimately, however, these products still required millions upon millions of bottles to package and left a significant footprint as they made their way to markets around the globe. Consumers began selecting water that had travelled from thousands of miles away rather than leverage local sources and landfills began to see significant quantities of single serve bottled product refuse despite the growth of recycling infrastructure.

Enter Vivreau, a progressively minded company that embraced this simple idea: local water can be transformed to be every bit as good as the heavily marketed bottled stuff, but with a tiny fraction of the footprint. Through advanced filtration, chilling, carbonation and touch-of-a-button or pull-of-a-handle convenience, Vivreau offered a responsible, intuitive, and above all else, enjoyable, water solution.

In 2008, Vivreau was brought to the US and Canada. It quite literally originated a new category in the marketplace: premium table water dispensing. Up until Vivreau’s arrival on the scene, the market offered only low-output point-of-use systems or massive commercial units that required complex hardwiring into the venue’s infrastructure. Vivreau’s ease of use and broad range of systems with custom configurable components meant that clients could select a system ideal for their venue, with minimal effort. Meanwhile, Vivreau’s signature, proprietary glass bottles permitted a powerful new brand extension for the continent’s top companies and soon became a fixture in boardrooms and VIP lounges from coast to coast.

BRITA SE is Vivreau’s parent company and is a global leader in the provision of water purifying products for consumers and businesses. Vivreau, and by extension, Vivreau clients, benefit significantly from BRITA’s ongoing program of cutting-edge research and development, technological innovation, and excellence in engineering.

Our Team

While Vivreau is known for innovation and technology, ultimately we are a company of diverse people united by our passion for responsible water consumption, good health and cool ideas. Our team spans the US and Canada with members in most major markets. We welcome you to reach out to any one of us at any time with questions.

Being a father drives my commitment to a sustainable future. At VIVREAU, I actively contribute to a healthier planet.

Christian Köhler

SVP Regional Manager

Life is about gathering experiences. Working at Vivreau is about working with a great team executing on an incredible opportunity in sustainability!

Pam Campbell

SVP Finance & Operations NOAM

When you work for a great organization with strong purpose in the industry you love, you know you’re home

Bob Kloeckner

SVP/Head of Sales

Tom Spillane

VP, Technology

Leanne MacKenzie

NOAM Controlling and Analytics

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, I have a passion for preserving the health of our waterways.

Shannon Ward

VP, Marketing

Anastasia Chovan

Director of Sales NOAM Professional Filter

David Murray

Business Development Manager, Professional Filter

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” –Desmond Tutu

Stephanie Kennedy

VP, Key Accounts

Book worm, to-do list lover, taco enthusiast, wannabe golf pro

Brittany Thomas

Key Account Manager

Kyle Gnass

Key Account Manager

Eric Shankman

VP of Indirect Sales

Krystal Elmourne

Indirect Account Executive

Father, Son, Husband, Brother, Friend: Purpose Driven, Sustainable Solution Advocate, Hydration Partnership Creator. “Music is life”

Davin Wickstrom

Director of Industry Relations

I have a passion for music, sports, and being a dad to my two amazing kids.

Denny Tsettos

Senior Business Development Manager

Big Nerd, Uncool Dad & Loving Husband. I love cooking, baseball & all things Star Wars. I try to meet new people every day!

Don Sheneman

Business Development Manager

Justin Day

Business Development Manager

Carina Bertakis

Business Development Manager

Amy Carson

Senior Client Success and Engagement Manager

Taaron Oletic

Client Experience Manager

Ben Canan

Inside Sales Executive

Living in different countries showed me how important it is to support the environment everyday

Ben Graeter

Business Process Manager

My biggest motivation is to preserve natural landmarks and wildlife for the future generations to enjoy them.

Tatiana Kabanova

Learning & Development Manager

Ileana Oviedo

Fulfillment Manager

Board game enthusiast, coffee connoisseur and overall nerd.

Paden Boardman

Technical Support Manager

Eneida Aymat

Fulfillment Team Lead

Betina Labarda

Fulfillment Coordinator

Alan Arias

Fulfillment Coordinator

Sharda Malik

Fulfillment Coordinator

My favorite hobby is to hike and be outdoors, so working for a company that prioritizes our environment is valuable to me.

Destinie LeRoux

Fulfillment Coordinator

Joel Martinez

Fulfillment Coordinator

Chris Morisawa

Director of Marketing

There is no planet B – So waking up every morning and actively working on innovative ways to reduce plastic bottled water is truly fulfilling.

Paula Kammerer

Strategic Marketing Manager

My passion for inclusive design is at the heart of every experience I make.

Marjan Mahmoodi

Brand Manager

I am all about cycling, photography, hiking, chai, coffee. (In no particular order)

Ashish Rajoba

Lead Generation Coordinator

Jenny Sychugova

Senior Accounting Manager

Gurvir Sohi

Assistant Controller

Dani Dalal

Senior Accounts Receivable and Credit Analyst

Jacqueline Gomez

Billing & Accounts Receivable Specialist

Vinicius Dantas

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Former United States Marine who resides in NJ and is devoted to his wife and 2 sons. Enjoys the comradery that Vivreau provides.

Lenny Estrella

Service Manager

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou

Justin Trinidad

Service Team Lead

Anthony Papantonio

Service Coordinator

Mike De Los Reyes

Service Coordinator

Dave Rajnes

Service Coordinator

Parteek Dhanju

Service Coordinator

Nick Lerro

Lead Technician

Tom Callegari

Field Service Technician

Jonathan Azcona

Field Service Technician

Cris Meissner

Field Service Technician

Chris Marko

Warehouse Operations Manager

Calixto Limonta

Warehouse Crew

Edwin Azcona

Warehouse Crew