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Top Pro and Extra I-Tap

Water dispensers that suit diverse environments featuring market leading hygiene technology. Customize your water program with a choice of models and configurations for office and healthcare needs.

Water Systems

Vivreau remains the responsible hydration brand of choice for forward-thinking organizations around the world.

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Professional Filters

All Vivreau filter solutions are designed to deliver excellent water quality, outstanding product safety and simple operation for diverse applications and water types.

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Design Center

This design center is for you: the Vivreau system owner and user, technician, distribution partner or general water enthusiast!

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Exclusive Bottles and Accessories

Custom branding is available for our entire bottle range and is a fantastic way to showcase your company’s commitment to principles of sustainability and health & wellness.

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Premium Flavors

A health-minded alternative to sugary sodas and expensive fruit-infused service. The carefully curated selection of flavours is intended to provide a quick, tasty boost to chilled sparkling or still Vivreau water. No sugar has been added, and all fruits used are sourced in the US.

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Our Partnerships

Vivreau is proud to partner with industry leaders to help them reach their sustainability and health & wellness goals. Replacing traditional bottled water with Vivreau on-site bottling systems, reusable glass bottles, and Vi Taps has helped hundreds of clients become more environmentally responsible.

“Hygiene is very important to us at Centra, and we’re very happy with the quality and taste of Vivreau water. The glass bottles with Centra Health’s logo are also a nice touch. The Vivreau system gives us an additional amenity that you do not normally see in a hospital.”

centra health care chef timothy schoonmaker
Chef Timothy Schoonmaker
Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital
Vi Tap Dispenser Corporate Office

Our Benefits

At its core, Vivreau is about sustainability, in every sense of that term, including environmental stewardship, human health and wellness, positive social change, and financial responsibility. Vivreau clients employ our systems to meet a variety of important objectives, oftentimes checking numerous boxes at once through the adoption of an integrated water solution.

Environmental Sustainability

The core of what we do. See an immediate, measurable impact on your sustainable footprint.

Health and Wellness

Water is the most essential ingredient to good health. Drink it deeply, drink it often.

Brand Building

Your name, prominently displayed on an eye-catching symbol of sustainability and wellness, for all to see.

Cost Savings

Eliminate the expensive and cumbersome habit of single-serve plastics. You’ll never look back.

A Healthier Bottom Line

Wondering if a Vivreau water program is right for you? Spend a few moments with our custom ROI Estimator tool to see how Vivreau can positively impact your bottom line while meeting your corporate sustainability goals. Estimates are based on three decades of case study data and marketplace averages.

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