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Every pour supports a legacy of innovation, wellness, and sustainable change.

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Environmental stewardship is just the beginning.

Vivreau also helps companies realize their health and wellness, cost savings, revenue generation and custom branding objectives.

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Water Systems

Vi Tap Dispenser

Vivreau’s award-winning Vi Tap, a signature system in our portfolio, is the perfect water dispenser to suit all your needs at the touch of a button.

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High Volume Water Bottling Systems

Vivreau is the original designer of the table water bottling system, effectively transforming how water is served and consumed in corporate settings.

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Countertop Water Bottling Systems

The countertop range of bottlers from Vivreau harness the output of our high volume bottlers while preserving the smaller footprint of our Vi Tap.

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Exclusive Vivreau Bottles

Our proprietary, designed by Vivreau bottles are manufactured with high grade commercial glass, making them extremely durable and reusable for many years.

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Ever wonder about water?

We do! Help us understand your attitudes and habits when it comes to healthy hydration. Check back often to answer our newest query and see for yourself what your fellow Vivreau website users think.

Do you know how many pieces of microplastic are found in every liter of bottled water sold?

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There are an average of 325 particles less than 100 microns found per 34 fluid ounces (1 liter) of water sold.

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Our Channels

Using a mix of Vivreau bottles and Vi taps will efficiently and effectively supply the many water service needs in a corporate environment. Designed with a perfect mix of functionality and contemporary style, Vivreau water systems integrate seamlessly into any environment, whether front and center in a VIP setting or the high traffic workspace of a hotel conference center.

Corporate Channel

Common system used: ViTap (Vi2H)

Airport Lounges

Common system used: ViTap (Vi2H)

VIP & Executive Lounges

Common system used: Countertop Bottler (V3-204)

Micro Markets

Common system used: Countertop Bottler (V3-204)

Universities & Educational Facilities

Common systems used: Countertop Bottler (V3-204) ViTap (Vi2H)

Hotels & Conference Centers

Common system used: High Volume Bottlers (V3-201)


Common system used: High Volume Bottlers (V3-201)

Financial Institutions & Services

Common systems used: Countertop Bottler (V3-204)

A Healthier Bottom Line

Wondering if a Vivreau water program is right for you? Spend a few moments with our custom ROI Estimator tool to see how Vivreau can positively impact your bottom line while meeting your corporate sustainability goals. Estimates are based on three decades of case study data and marketplace averages.

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