Do You Want to be a Vivreau Distributor?

We welcome like-minded partners who share our belief that responsible hydration is an essential aspect of today’s workplace. Our premium dispensers and iconic bottles often fill a lucrative gap in the portfolios of our distribution partners. In the corporate dining and catering category, we share many clients with high-end coffee purveyors, but our key market segments range widely and include luxury hospitality, higher education, assisted living, entrepreneurial tech, and business travel.

Our Clients’ Priorities are Our Core Values

Every client conversation begins with identifying what pain points need to be solved. In our experience, leading companies usually choose Vivreau to help them reach their goals related to:

Environmental Sustainability

The core of what we do. See an immediate, measurable impact on your sustainable footprint.

Health and Wellness

Water is the most essential ingredient to good health. Drink it deeply, drink it often.

Brand Building

Your name, prominently displayed on an eye-catching symbol of sustainability and wellness, for all to see.

Cost Savings

Eliminate the expensive and cumbersome habit of single-serve plastics. You’ll never look back.

“It’s a pleasure to partner with Vivreau. Vivreau sparkling water is a huge hit with our clients. Even people who said they didn’t like sparkling water were converted.”

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