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BRITA GmbH is Vivreau’s parent company and is a global leader in the provision of water purifying products for consumers and businesses. Based in Taunusstein, Germany, BRITA GmbH celebrated its 50th year of operation in 2016.

Vivreau, and by extension, Vivreau clients, benefit significantly from BRITA’s ongoing program of cutting edge research and development, technological innovation, and excellence in engineering.

Millions of people around the world rely on BRITA. This is inspiration for the company to continuously develop itself and its products. BRITA wants to do more than just meet the high requirements that have been set for it, exceeding expectations at every turn.


Researching for pure pleasure

Right from the start BRITA has focused on research and development — and that has paid dividends. BRITA products have been awarded numerous international design awards and the company is currently one of the leading brands in its field. When BRITA develops new products, it always makes sure that they will make your everyday life easier and richer.

“There are very few companies these days who don’t at least discuss the issue of sustainability. Here at BRITA, we started thinking about recycling before it even became a trendy topic. We simply want to treat the environment fairly.”

– Markus Hankammer, CEO

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