Sustainable Alternative for Premium Water

Vivreau has been at the forefront of innovation in water sustainability for more than 30 years. Replacing traditional bottled water with Vivreau on-site bottling systems, reusable glass bottles, and Vi Taps has helped hundreds of clients become more environmentally responsible. Implementing an on-site water bottling program benefits the environment and enhances the guest and staff experience. Countless corporate and hospitality facilities across North America and around the Globe have successfully adopted a Vivreau program and have achieved their sustainability and wellness objectives. A Vivreau program allows both staff and guests to feel good about the water product being offered while helping reduce the facility’s carbon footprint and the tens of billions of empty water bottles that are buried in landfills every year.

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“Atlantis is committed to providing the best possible water in the most sustainable way. We’re saving in excess of 1 million single use water bottles per year by switching to Vivreau systems, and our guests appreciate the great tasting complimentary water, as well as the fact that it is locally sourced. ”

Every day across the country, Vivreau Systems help businesses

  • Reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating the production, transportation, and disposal of pre-packaged bottled water
  • Eliminate the packaging waste of single-use glass and plastic bottles
  • Reduce refrigerated storage requirements by chilling water on demand
  • Provide a sustainability initiative that employees, guests, and associates increasingly recognize and appreciate
  • Providing a solid sustainability platform, which includes water stewardship, has become a major factor in employee attraction and retention

More Benefits

At its core, Vivreau is about sustainability, in every sense of that term, including environmental stewardship, human health and wellness, positive social change, and financial responsibility. Vivreau clients employ our systems to meet a variety of important objectives, oftentimes checking numerous boxes at once through the adoption of an integrated water solution.

Health and Wellness

Water is the most essential ingredient to good health. Drink it deeply, drink it often.

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Brand Building

Your name, prominently displayed on an eye-catching symbol of sustainability and wellness, for all to see.

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Cost Savings

Eliminate the expensive and cumbersome habit of single-serve plastics. You’ll never look back.

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