May 20, 2020

Do Not Abandon Hope All Ye Who Re-Enter Here!

Returning To The Workplace

By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems

Hold on to your sound environmental principles and responsible business practices as part of your post-COVID business reality.

Let’s call this a PSA and cut straight to the chase by addressing the misconception that bottled water represents a “best foot forward” in the post-COVID workplace.

Look, it’s a big marketplace out there, there is room for everyone. We are not in the business of knocking down other industries.

But here’s the thing: the bottled water industry has discovered an attractive opportunity in the face of the fear and uncertainty of workplace re-entry following the global pandemic.

It is important to remember that the bottled water industry has encountered a barrage of backlash in recent years as the devastating environmental consequences of their operations have fully come to light. What consequences? Well…

– There will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050 unless dramatic changes are made
– The industry achieves less than 10% recycling rates on billions of bottles sold annually
– Major players drain natural aquifers and other water deposits for profit while many communities endure poor quality drinking water
– Many popular brands ship their water from remote and exotic corners of the globe, resulting in untold emissions with every bottle
– Every bottle of water changes countless hands before it reaches its final destination

All of these phenomena have motivated forward-thinking businesses to seek more responsible hydration options.

It is important to look past the superficial climate of fear that is being capitalized upon and consider the facts, which remain largely unchanged and familiar since well before the viral pandemic.

Consider these questions:

– How many touchpoints has a bottle of water endured from the time it leaves a distant factory floor to the time it is placed in a staff pantry, breakroom, lounge, or other destination?
– By what consistent hygienic standards was each one of those touchpoints regulated?
– How many hands are too many hands on your water?
– What is the quality standard to which various bottled water brands are held?
– Does this standard vary from brand to brand, from place to place?
– Who enforces it?

Vivreau’s water solutions give you something bottled simply cannot: full security and control over your business’s water program.