May 27, 2020

Law Office Case Study

Case Study

By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems


Law Office Water Program

Client:          Location:            Client Since:

Confidential    Los Angeles, CA      2018

Vivreau Solution:

Vi Tap 2H + V3-205 + Branded Bottles

Pounds of Carbon Saved Annually:

2,373 lbs

Estimated Annual Savings:



This global law firm client has offices in the Americas, Asia and Europe. They are passionate about sustainability and have implemented several green initiatives. The Los Angeles office was looking for a solution to eliminate the 40 cases of imported sparkling water that was delivered every two weeks. For still water, the office was renting a reverse osmosis machine. This filtration method wastes 3 liters of water for every 1 liter filtered. Another drawback of this system was that the out pour was slow and not an efficient use of time for the conference center.

“We couldn’t keep San Pellegrino on the shelf. We were purchasing over 80 cases a month with limited storage”

Vivreau Solution

The management team made the decision to onboard two Vivreau Systems, one for the conference center with branded bottles and one for the employees. Along with the initiative of reducing the carbon footprint of a 100+ employee office, the taste of the water had to be perfect. The overwhelming response was that Vivreau water tasted better than the San Pellegrino sparkling water.

“In addition to lowering our carbon footprint and having great tasting sparkling water, branding was also a priority. The custom glass designer bottles were a key factor in why we chose Vivreau”

V3-205 Bottler

An in-house barista greets guests as they arrive with an offer of chilled still or sparkling water among other beverages. The Vivreau V3-205 countertop bottler is perfect for filling the law firm’s 750ml designer glass bottles for client meetings. The reusable Vivreau bottles add to the firm’s overall professional aesthetic and are a well-received first impression to clients and guests inside the boardroom.

Vi Tap 2H

In the employee lounge and lunch area, the firm installed a Vivreau Vi Tap 2H system. This system provides, chilled still, sparkling and instant hot water via touchpad. As part of the office’s carbon footprint rollout, all employees were given a water bottle to use in place of cups. The bottle is used by all employees and allows them to take their water on the go.

Water Program Summary

  • 1 x Vi Tap 2H in the employee lounge and lunch area

  • 1 x V3-205

  • Branded designer bottles


$42K Net Savings Per Year on Sparkling Water Purchases Only