November 11, 2021

A Cup of Coffee is 98% Water. You Filter the Coffee – Why not the Water?

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By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems

Great-tasting coffee and pastries start with high-quality water.

Great water. Great coffee and baked goods.

Water is essential – to brewing coffee, baking pastries, cleaning kitchen equipment, and other tasks. But water is more than simply H2O. It typically contains a variety of minerals and other dissolved solids that can vary greatly from region to region. Although invisible to the naked eye, these can have a major impact on the taste, consistency and appearance of beverages and baked goods. To help achieve the best brews and the tastiest treats, VIVREAU offers a broad range of filters to tailor water to unique needs.

‘Better crema, finer aroma, improved taste – with the right water

Coffee is part and parcel of our modern lifestyles. And the quality of the water that goes into each and every cup makes a difference. If the coffee tastes bitter, for example, overly soft water is generally the culprit. But excessively hard water prevents the aroma from developing, resulting in blandness.

With VIVREAU filtration systems, it is possible to optimise tap water for coffee-making, whatever the mineral composition of the local supply. The filtered water contains a balanced mix of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, and is ideal for brewing coffee. Any unwanted elements that could impact taste or aroma are effectively removed. 

‘Delicious water for delicious baked goods

If bakeries are to survive and thrive in today’s fiercely competitive environment, they must serve freshly made, attractive goods. To ensure first-rate results every time, the quality of the dough is key – and the water composition, too, must be just right.

Water is employed, for instance, in the steaming process that gives a lovely sheen to light, fluffy baked goods. And when dishwashers are subject to heavy use, the right water composition can ensure sparkling results.

Protect your equipment – and your bottom line.

Not only can VIVREAU filtration systems improve the taste of your beverages, VIVREAU-enhanced water also extends the service life of your coffee-making and other equipment. All steam nozzles and other key components are ­protected against limescale and mineral deposits. By guarding against damage in this way, you increase the operational avail­ability of your machinery. And by avoiding repairs and downtime, you generate savings that boost your ­bottom line. A comprehensive range of VIVREAU water filters means you can be sure of finding the right choice for your business. 

VIVREAU’s Answer

PURITY and PURITY C filtration products from VIVREAU Professional cater to a wide range of café and bakery requirements. Filtration remains constant over the entire life cycle, consistently tailoring the water’s mineral composition to the task at hand – for reliably great-tasting results, whatever the local water supply.


The professional solution for pure coffee enjoyment – specially developed for scale water conditions.

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Only the best for your guests and devices. Optimally filtered water for the catering industry

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