April 1, 2022

5 Reasons To Register For Vivreau Professional Filter Water Technical Training


By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems

Technical Training  

Water Filtration LMS Training Platform

Vivreau Professional Filter is excited to launch the water filtration LMS training platform this Spring. We took the complex discipline of water science and created an accessible 4-module Water Technical Training course to provide essential background knowledge. After completing this comprehensive program about water basics, issues, and solutions, you can offer Vivreau Professional Filter customers unparalleled service that does not exist elsewhere; we provide this exclusive program for our customers only. Now that’s powerful!

How You Benefit

Our interactive training program keeps you engaged as you absorb information exclusively curated for you. We take you beyond the technical guidance on Vivreau Professional Filters and water knowledge found in the manual. The LMS training platform is an extension of the technical training from the Vivreau Dispensers’ division, a slice of our expertise that we share only with you. 

Here are 5 advantages you gain from our LMS technical training program:

  1. Build More Relevant Customer Relationships. Customers may not realize all the ways minerals affect their water, but you can show them and become their guide to solving these issues. When you explain the mineral composition of water and the main issues it can cause, your customers will easily see the connection between water filtration systems and the need for healthier water.  
  2. Take The Helm And Confidently Steer. Scientific testing may seem out of reach to your customers, but you can bridge the gap for them. Our technical training program breaks down the science so that you can accurately and expertly guide your customers to conduct water testing and understand the parameters of when a Vivreau Water Filter is the right solution. 
  3. Move With The Ease Of An Expert. Finding your way around the equipment will show customers that your level of understanding is one on which they can rely. When you not only identify the capacity for equipment but also set up a Flowmeter to track water capacity, your customers will see you as an expert whom they can trust. 
  4. Relate Better To Customer Needs. Your customers have customers, so the more you can recognize expectations, the better you can address needs for all customers, theirs, and yours. They want customer satisfaction, and so do you. Offering details like understanding how to use the bypass feature for the perfect beverage will give them key information they will appreciate so they can deliver the best quality service. 
  5. Demonstrate Key Components Independently. Imagine demonstrating the installation and replacement of a Purity C and Quell water filter system without help. Not only would a demonstration ensure customers can duplicate the process, but you preserve the momentum of the sale without interruptions or waiting for service.  

Mark Your Calendar 

Get on board with our new LMS training platform and power-up your business. Vivreau Professional Filters is excited to launch the Water Technical Training LMS platform this Spring, but don’t wait to contact us today to learn more about registration and enrollment.