Premium Flavor Collection

5 great tasting flavors. No sugar added. All fruit sourced in the US.

Starter Kit

For the best taste experience, we recommend using 1/2oz of Natural Flavor for every 10oz of sparkling water, adjusting to taste as required. Vivreau’s Natural Flavors are meant to offer an essence of fruit to your water, enlivening your drinking experience but not dominating it. Available for Vivreau Clients only.


  • 1 case of each of our five premium flavors (30 bottles of flavor total).
  • 12 measured pour spout.
Take your water to next level

Sample Kit

Order a sample kit containing full product information and 5 flavor samples to try out. Available for Vivreau Clients only.


  • 2 fl. oz. of each flavor.
  • Full product information.