Turn off the waste

For a limited time, 10lbs of plastic waste will be pulled from the ocean for eligible purchases*

*Any Vivreau water dispenser agreement signed and installed between May 14 – September 30, 2024 will fund the removal of 10 lbs of plastic.

  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Corporate
  • Senior Living
  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare

Elevate the guest experience

Turn your water program into a profit center. Bottle and sell your own water at a fraction of the cost of the pre-packaged stuff.

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Provide a premium amenity

Ideal self-serve water dispenser solutions for offices. Provide staff and guests with unlimited great tasting, high quality water on demand. Save money and reduce carbon emissions from buying, transporting, and storing bottled drinks.

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Elevate your resident experience and reduce staff burden

Enhance your residents days with a touch of luxury and sophistication, without taxing your team.

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Empower tomorrow’s leaders with sustainable hydration solutions

Provide hassle-free, self-serve hydration stations for event catering, faculty lounges, and student cafeterias. Elevate your fine dining experience with still and sparkling water bottled in-house.

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H2O: the formula for good health.

Engineered with exclusive technologies, these dispensers provide three layers of protection against microbial cysts and harmful bacteria, including legionella.

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World Bank Case Study – Cutting costs while saving the environment​

Needing to align operations with sustainability goals, the World Bank turned to Vivreau for a solution. Four years later, everyone’s a winner.


Bottles saved from landfills every year


Increased return on investment over the course of four years


Pound of carbon saved annually

Water Program Solutions

Tap into the benefits of still, sparkling, and hot water on demand.

Top Pro

A refreshing eye-catcher for your premises. As a desktop or standing model, flexibly adaptable to the different requirements in the office or hospital.

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Vi Tap Dispenser

Vivreau’s award-winning Vi Tap, a signature system in our portfolio, is the perfect water dispenser to suit all your needs at the touch of a button. Hot or cold, still or sparkling, the Vi Tap has you covered.

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countertop water bottler chilled still and sparkling water

Countertop Water Bottling Systems

The countertop range of bottlers from Vivreau harnesses the output of our high volume bottlers while preserving the smaller footprint of our Vi Tap.

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Reduce waste

Discover how on-demand access to high quality still and sparkling water can reduce plastic waste and lower your carbon footprint.

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Save money

Many clients achieve a net reduction in costs within Year 1.

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Easy implementation

We’re here to help. Whether it is information to help educate your colleagues or step-by-step assistance with installation, our team is standing by support you in making a positive change.

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Turn on the taste, turn off the waste.

Reduce plastic waste, lower your carbon footprint, help your bottom line, and enjoy great tasting still, sparkling, and hot water on demand.

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