Every Pour Makes a Difference

The fact that you are here exploring these pages means you already have some sense that a sustainable water program might be a good addition to your business. However, it may surprise you to learn that globally, Vivreau’s partner base eliminates more than four billion single-serve plastic bottles from the waste stream every year by using our solutions!

Your choice to move forward with us is a choice to be part of something bigger than what any of us can achieve single-handedly. Allow one of our experienced team members to help you calculate what your own impact on environmental health can be by pursuing a Vivreau program

The Bottom Line

Launching a Vivreau water program requires an investment, no question. And whether you choose to rent or buy the system that supports your program, you want to know that your investment is sound.

Here’s a helpful fact: if you buy any single-serve bottled products right now for your location, your Vivreau program will pay for itself over the course of your term with a fixed cost, limitless supply water system. Now layer on top of your measurable cost savings the fact that healthy hydration achieves demonstrable increases to productivity and wellness, and you will soon wonder how you made it this far without us!

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Our Impact


fewer trees

To offset the carbon dioxide emitted over five years, If you chose a Vivreau water dispenser rather than bottled water.



Less CO2 than bottled water per dispenser.



Single serve plastic bottles saved from the landfill every year.



Less waste per year for 1 dispenser.



CO2 saved each year, compared to plastic bottled water.


Truck deliveries eliminated per year.

“Atlantis is committed to providing the best possible water in the most sustainable way. We’re saving in excess of 1 million single use water bottles per year by switching to Vivreau systems, and our guests appreciate the great tasting complimentary water, as well as the fact that it is locally sourced. ”

Vivreau Benefits

We don’t sell water systems and bottles. Instead, we offer customized solutions to common challenges faced by our clients. Every Vivreau program is different because no two clients are exactly alike.

Environmental Sustainability

It’s all about the word! A business cannot expect to be around tomorrow if it’s not taking care of the world it thrives in today. Getting rid of single-serve plastic water bottles is just the beginning …

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Health & Wellness

The marketplace is flooded with choices of what to put into your body, many of them poor. Let’s keep it simple: at the end of the day, it’s pure water, free of pollutants and contaminants, that is essential to good health.

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Cost Savings

A truck arrives with pallets of bottled products that came from who knows where? They are unloaded, de-palletized, stocked and served. Then they are collected (hopefully), aggregated, and sent for end-of-life disposal somewhere, just in time for that truck to come back and…well, you get the idea.

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Brand building

The key to spreading sustainable behaviour is to champion it wherever you can. Vivreau’s iconic glass bottles – for use with our bottling programs – are fully customizable, allowing you to put your company logo and message on an enduring and eye-catching symbol of your environmental stewardship.

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