• PURITY C1100 XtraSafe

PURITY C1100 XtraSafe

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The dual defence system uses two ion exchangers to guard against sulphates, chlorides, and gypsum that could cause corrosion or deposits, ensuring reliable results for a delicious cup of coffee, baked goods, and perfectly steamed fish, meat, and vegetables. The simple operation of the system involves a proven PURITY C filter head and familiar installation and filter replacement processes.


  • Specially designed for water high in salts and gypsum
  • Dual defence: two ion exchangers protect your equipment against corrosion, limescale and gypsum deposits
  • Prevents damage that would require premature replacement of parts
  • Filtration bypass settings are tailored specifically to steaming food and brewing coffee
  • Use data on local water conditions to calculate user-specific recommendations for capacity and filtration bypass settings


  1. Coffee, espresso and vending machines with PURITY C 0-70% filter head
  2. Combi steamers and ovens with PURITY C Steam filter head
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Quality & Safety
professional filters

Optimal water quality
Outstanding and constant water quality – free of undesirable substances that impair taste and aroma.

Maximum product safety
For trouble-free operation and safe use.

Easy to use
The operation is quicker and easier than ever.

Confirmed by tests
The food safety of Vivreau Professional water filter products is checked and monitored by independent institutes.


The tried and tested Vivreau filter technology decarbonizes the water in five steps:

1. Pre-filtration

First, a pre-filter traps coarse particles.

2. Cation reduction

This stage reduces carbonate and permanent hardness, as well as various cations. This helps prevent limescale.

3. Anion reduction

This medium removes remaining ions (anions), such as chlorides and sulphates, to reduce the risk of corrosion and gypsum deposits.

4. Activated carbon

The water is then filtered with activated carbon, removing substances that could have an adverse effect on taste and aroma.

5. Fine filtration

At the end of the filtration process, a fleece captures any fine particles.

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