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Filtered chilled still, ambient, semi-sparkling and sparkling

Available as a table-top unit and stand-alone water dispenser. Both variants can be customized and adapted to all rooms.

Key features

  • Two installation options: Countertop and Floorstanding
  • Intuitive glass touch pad control with pre-set portions so you can dispense a defined measure of water
  • HygienePlus solution: designed for environments where hygiene is of the utmost importance, and is optionally available for
    Vivreau Top Pro.
  • Vivreau’s ThermalGate™ feature protects against retrograde contamination from external sources
  • Sustainable: high energy efficiency and natural refrigerant R290, harmless to the climate
  • Intuitive display choice of touch or mechanical buttons to select water type
  • Easy Access Panel, available as an additional control unit that can be positioned at different heights, e.g. B. for wheelchair users
  • Easy to use: water in 2 individually adjustable portion sizes
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The showroom features 20 different spaces across five environments including Healthcare, Corporate, Education, Hospitality, and Assisted Living

“Our members really appreciate the Vivreau system because of its great taste, convenience and it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable water bottles.”

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Dimension and Specifications

4 types of water:  ambient, chilled still, semi sparkling or sparkling. Available as a table-top unit and stand-alone water dispenser.

  • Average output capacity:
    • 85 l/h

  • Dispensing height: 13 inch
  • Unit Dimensions:
    • 11 x 20 ¾ x 19 ¼ inch (countertop)
    • 11 x 56 x 19 ¼ inch  (floorstanding with base cabinet)

Our special Vivreau HygienePlus solution consists of three safeguards. Together, they deliver the outstanding degree of protection needed in hygiene-sensitive environments. In fact, we developed it based on over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare market. Vivreau’s HygienePlus removes bacteria and microbial cysts, so you enjoy safe, great-tasting water at all times.


Without a robust safeguard, microorganisms on the wet tap can go on to contaminate the dispenser. Our ThermalGate™ technology automatically and regularly heats the tap to disinfect it. So you can sit back and relax – knowing you have a proactive, powerful defence against germs,

Easy Access Panel
  • Control unit can be positioned at a low height, e.g. for wheelchair users
  • Helps create a barrier-free environment and meet inclusion and anti-discrimination requirements
  • Two installation options:
    • Angled
    • Flat: on countertop / Flat: on cabinet front
Safety Features

Safety features for Vivreau water dispensers:

  1. Automatic water shutoff
  2. Base tray sensors
  3. Overflow protection
  4. Maximum dispensing time

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