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Vivreau Difference

Learn about how Vivreau not only originated the category of Premium Table Water more than three decades ago, but also continues to lead it through a sustained program of product innovation, reliable and efficient engineering, and peerless service. Vivreau lives at the crossroads of environmental responsibility, human health, and unforgettable brand positioning.

Mission & Vision

At Vivreau, our philosophy is simple: high quality water is an essential need and can be provided in an environmentally responsible, health-promoting way that fits with any business’s unique objectives. We are all about helping companies make better water choices.

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At its core, Vivreau is about sustainability, in every sense of that term, including environmental stewardship, human health and wellness, positive social change, and financial responsibility. Vivreau clients employ our systems to meet a variety of important objectives, oftentimes checking numerous boxes at once through the adoption of an integrated water solution.

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Integrated Solutions

Vivreau is the hydration solution of choice for professional environments that span a wide range of business sectors. Here are some of the most historically successful channels for Vivreau deployment, but ultimately, where there is a will for a proven, premium hydration solution, there is a home for Vivreau.

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Clients & Testimonials

Vivreau’s client list is a who’s who of top names in any given category of business. We are privileged to partner with industry leaders and help them meet their company objectives. We invite you to discover how your peers have successfully employed Vivreau water solutions with results that may be surprising!

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