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Clients & Testimonials

Vivreau’s client list is a who’s who of top names in any given category of business. We are privileged to partner with industry leaders and help them meet their company objectives. We invite you to discover how your peers have successfully employed Vivreau water solutions with results that may be surprising!

  • Daniel Boulud

    Celebrity Chef, Owner Dinex Group, NY

    “We trust the VIVREAU system for the level of commitment and consistency in their service. Our partnership has enabled us to add to our environmental program while serving sparkling and still water appreciated by our customers and compatible to our level of excellence.”

  • Robert Gordon

    Executive Director, Columbia University, NY

    “Installing VIVREAU all but shouts ‘reduce, reuse, recycle.’ Our VIVREAU water system speaks to the core of all that we do.”

  • Todd Gray

    Celebrity Chef, Owner, Equinox Restaurant, Washington, DC

    “We choose to serve VIVREAU water at Equinox Restaurant, not only for the quality and taste but we also appreciate the sophisticated style and their standard of excellence that mirrors ours.”

  • Andrew Tennis

    Food & Beverage Manager, Aspen Meadow Resort, Aspen CO

    “Our key motivator for switching to a VIVREAU water program was to conserve tap water that was being poured unnecessarily. We are proud that we made the environmentally responsible choice without sacrificing quality.”

  • Spike Mendelsohn

    Celebrity Chef, Owner Béarnaise, Washington, DC

    “We looked for the best of the best when it came to every aspect of our restaurant Béarnaise. VIVREAU allows us to serve our guests water that is elevated in quality and taste. Plus, there is something wonderfully guilt-free about offering high end water to customers in an environmentally conscious way.”

  • Robert Clark

    Celebrity Chef, Vancouver, BC

    “VIVREAU has solved our problem of sourcing a local and sustainable supply of purified water.”

  • Gerard Mauvis

    Director of Operations, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

    “VIVREAU presents a more sustainable alternative to plastic bottles [and] an attractive presentation, making it an appealing choice for our guests. Partnering with VIVREAU has proven to be a win for us from an environmental and guest service perspective.”

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