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Integrated Solutions

A sustainable water program will help satisfy both strategic environmental initiatives, as well as corporate health & wellness program objectives. On-site bottlers with reusable glass bottles can provide water service for groups, in catering, meetings, banquets, and other special events. Vi Tap dispensers can be installed in employee lounges, kitchen pantries and micro-kitchens, as well as in reception and VIP areas (such as executive floors), for all your single-serve needs.

Corporate Environments

Airport Lounges

Hydration is essential to comfortable travel. Help ease the stresses of layovers and connections with Vivreau water solutions in your network of airport lounges. Facilitate independent water consumption for lounge patrons with a stylish Vi Tap single service dispenser, or elevate your lounge service with a countertop bottler that provides chilled and sparkling water for custom-branded glass bottles.

VIP & Executive Lounges

Help transform the spaces you have dedicated to your key influencers into luxurious, restorative oases with the addition of Vivreau water systems. Custom branded bottles and limitless chilled still, sparkling and boiling water will help meet the needs of your VIP contingent with the push of a button.

Micro Markets

Vivreau fits seamlessly into your micro market space. With a Vi Tap single serve dispenser, employees and guests may fill their own personal bottles for a fixed cost programmed into your existing POS platform. Alternatively, pre-filled glass water bottles bearing your company’s brand may be placed in coolers and scanned for purchase.

Universities and Other Campuses of Learning

Campuses of higher learning institutions are like cities unto themselves, hosting tens of thousands of people every single day, from students to faculty, administration to facility operations. Strategically equip key points of convergence around campus with Vivreau water systems to keep minds sharp and bodies healthy. Vi Taps will keep personal sport bottles and teacups filled, while countertop and large volume bottlers will help hydrate hosted events like conferences, sports tournaments and seminars.

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Hospitality Environments

Some of the most esteemed names in the hotel, restaurant, catering and banquet industry have discovered the unmatched value of partnering with Vivreau to service their water needs. Designed with a perfect mix of functionality and contemporary style, Vivreau water systems integrate seamlessly into any environment, whether front and center at the central bar of a Michelin-starred room to the high traffic back-of-house workspace of a hotel conference center.

The benefits of Vivreau in your hospitality venue are clear:

  • Fixed costs relating to on-site bottling programs allows for easier budget planning, revenue projections and the potential for increased profits (the more you pour, the higher the profit percentage)
  • Potential to increase revenue by converting tap water drinkers into paying customers
  • Additional brand messaging and consistency across all related properties and/or facilities
  • Offers numerous ways to associate your brand with causes and/or promotional initiatives
  • A more professional and elegant presentation of water services for restaurants, lounges, conferences,meeting areas and banquets


Environmental sustainability is a core messaging platform for hotel brands around the world and can be an integral factor in a potential guest’s decision to choose your property over another.

Vivreau has partnered with some of the most recognized and respected brands in the hotel world to help them achieve their sustainability initiatives through a dramatic reduction in plastic bottles and the labor, fuel and energy associated with transporting and disposing of these products.

Some partners have diverted hundreds of thousands of bottles from the waste stream by making the switch to Vivreau.


Today’s diners are savvy. They demand a premium water product but don’t want to contribute to the waste generation and associated, lingering negative repercussions of bottled water.

Vivreau is the ideal solution, drawing on public water supply and purifying it through proprietary filtration technology that comes standard with every system. Pour your guests an unlimited supply of chilled still and sparkling water, served in an elegant, durable glass bottle bearing your brand and a compelling environmental message.

Vivreau water systems will help you generate good margins on your water sales while eliminating your reliance on wasteful bottled products.

Conference and Banquet Facilities

Imagine if every dining table of your high- profile national conference was set with bottles of pure, chilled, responsibly sourced local water bearing your brand name in elegant imprint. Make this vision a reality with Vivreau water solutions.

Our high volume bottlers offer a limitless supply of chilled still or sparkling water for your conference and banquet guests. Help tell your sustainability story with a premium, turnkey water solution that integrates into your hospitality setting and is easy for your service staff to master and employ.

Adding Vivreau water service to your client’s master event order is a proven way to generate revenue with healthy margins on an elegant product.

Vivreau makes meeting the demands of your large conferences easy on your team by supplying a host of convenient ancillary items including custom storage boxes and wash racks.

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