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Mission & Vision

At Vivreau, our philosophy is simple: high quality water is an essential need and can be provided in an environmentally responsible, health-promoting way that fits with any business’s unique objectives. As we move forward into our fourth decade of industry-defining operation, our vision is to create a legacy of innovation and stewardship in the premium water dispenser category. Distilled down to its essence, this vision is all about helping companies make better water choices.

Our Service Commitment

At Vivreau, our focus is on building and maintaining a successful, long-term partnership with each and every client.

Whether adopting a Vivreau water program into a conference center, executive lounge, or onto every floor of a Wall Street tower, we find our clients’ water culture improves for the better as soon as they embrace the change we represent. It is this understanding and experience that we aim to share with you, ensuring your needs are met and you reach your water program goals.

These are some of the ways Vivreau invests in client relationships, ensuring the long-term success of our partnerships:

  • We listen to, educate, and collaborate with your team to design a sustainable alternative that meets your specific needs
  • We place our equipment in your location for a low fixed cost so you can start improving your bottom line from day one
  • We design, engineer, and manufacture our own systems so we can provide you with the most advanced, most reliable and highest capacity systems in the industry
  • We stand behind our equipment and products; we are responsible for all planned service calls and reactive service calls

Why Vivreau?

Simply put, we are the originator of the premium table water dispenser category and we continue to lead the industry in innovation, system reliability, service, and support.

Our success has come from providing corporate and hospitality clients with sustainable water programs that deliver the finest drinking water, along with the comfort and care of our outstanding service:

  • We enable Fortune 500 and other leading companies to bottle their own filtered, sparkling and still water on-site
  • We design, engineer, and manufacture our own systems, allowing us to deliver the most advanced, most reliable and highest capacity systems available
  • Our Client Care program allows our clients to provide the highest quality water, with the peace of mind to stay focused on their business
  • Vivreau continues to innovate and lead the category with our award-winning Vi Tap Single-Serve Dispenser
  • Vivreau operates in many countries around the world, offering a consistent solution for companies that extend beyond North America

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