Extra I-Tap

Stylish tap for space-saving installation in the worktop. Powerful technology, hidden in the base cabinet. Flexible device variants for use in offices or in the healthcare sector.

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Top Pro

A refreshing eye-catcher for your premises. As a desktop or standing model, flexibly adaptable to the different requirements in the office or hospital.

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Vi Tap Dispenser

Vivreau’s award-winning Vi Tap, a signature system in our portfolio, is the perfect water dispenser to suit all your needs at the touch of a button. The Vi Tap is favored by clients looking for ease of use and multi-functionality in a single water system, equally at home in a VIP lounge, staff pantry, break room or high-end hospitality environment. The Vi Tap’s stylish and contemporary chrome-finished dispenser can provide chilled still, chilled sparkling and instant hot water via digital touchpad.

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High Volume Bottling Systems

Vivreau’s range of bottling systems have redefined the way businesses consume water, eliminating the need for costly and wasteful single-serve bottled products while providing exceptionally high quality, mains-fed filtered and chilled water. Our high-volume bottlers work with our striking, long-life reusable glass bottles to deliver unlimited chilled still and sparkling water, ideal for high-traffic venues like conference centers, banquet and meeting facilities, hotel guest rooms, and more.

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countertop water bottler chilled still and sparkling water

Countertop Water Bottling Systems

The countertop range of bottlers from Vivreau harnesses the output of our high volume bottlers while preserving the smaller footprint of our Vi Tap. One of our most popular product lines, the countertop range is ideal for those servicing high traffic locations with limited available installation space. Sleek cobra-style dispensing taps can be separated from the main unit to limit visible equipment.

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To help you get the most out of your Vivreau water program, we have made a number of handy system accessories available for independent purchase and reorder.

Exclusive Bottles and Accessories

Our proprietary designs immediately establish the premium quality and signature style of the product. Custom branding is available for our entire bottle range and is a fantastic way to showcase your company’s commitment to principles of sustainability and health & wellness.

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Premium Flavour Collection

A health-minded alternative to sugary sodas and expensive fruit infused service.

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