November 23, 2017

Meet the ViTap Water Dispenser


By Chris Morisawa

With a luxurious chrome exterior and intuitive LED touch screen control panel, Vivreau’s Vi Tap water dispenser was born to make a statement. Its sleek design combines three premium filtered drinking water options – chilled still, sparkling, and hot water all from one tap. The design minimizes its footprint on counter space real estate, while delivering up to 21 gallons of filtered chilled water per hour, and three cups of hot water per minute.

Water is dispensed from the Vi Tap after filtering through a 0.02 micron activated carbon filter. This filter effectively removes common contaminants, but keeps the beneficial minerals and nutrients that enhance the flavor and health benefits of your drinking water.

Who Uses The Vivreau Vi Tap?

The Vi Tap water dispenser has been used worldwide by high profile corporate clients such as Lyft, Expedia, Google and other tech companies. It is also popular with blue chip clients who have long-standing roots in their respective communities such as Hogan-Lovells, Deloitte and Blackstone. Along with providing a healthy drinking water option to their clients and employees, our clients have been able to reduce or eliminate their use of disposable plastic bottles, resulting in a significant impact on environmental sustainability.

Recently, the Vi Tap water dispenser was included as part of the new BCCI headquarters in San Francisco (pictured above). It was the first building in Northern California, built from the ground up, to receive a WELL Standards rating. Water is one of the seven components of achieving a WELL rating, so it was essential that the drinking water solution meet all of the rigorous criteria. Adding a Vi Tap to their pantry allowed the BCCI design team to successfully complete the water component of their certification.

Contact us to see which of our three Vi Tap models would be the best fit for your corporate layout.