April 18, 2018

Vivreau North America Teams Up With The TED2018 Conference For “The Age Of Amazement”


By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems

For the Fourth Consecutive Year, Vivreau Advanced Water Systems, the Future of Drinking Water, Partners with the TED Conference in Vancouver, BC, to provide sustainable hydration to the world’s leading minds

VANCOUVERApril 10, 2018 – The world’s population now stands at 7.6 billion people, and as it approaches the 8 billion mark, it’s becoming ever more evident that every action each of us undertakes today will have a clear effect on the future tomorrow. Pursuing a responsible, community-minded path has become more important than ever. As a long-time TED supporter and the water industry leader that originated a new category of premium water service as an antidote to wasteful, single-serve, plastic bottled water products, Vivreau Advanced Water Systems is proud to bring its message of sustainable water consumption to the world stage at this year’s TED2018 Conference. The conference, which will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre, runs from April 10 – 14th.

“The TED conference exemplifies our company’s values with its messages of change, leadership, innovation, sustainability and wellness,” says Drew Hamilton, co-founder and Managing Director of Vivreau North America. “We are very proud to be a part of this world-class conference each year, and look forward to connecting with the engaging speakers and attendees as we explore how to improve our future selves, together.”

This year marine ecologists, chemists, and ocean scientists will be speaking as part of the TED 2018 lineup. A major concern in these disciplines recently has been the problem of micro-plastics being discovered in almost every single water source. According to a recent study led by micro-plastic researcher Sherri Mason of the State University of New York at Fredonia, many of the world’s leading brands of bottled water are selling bottles contaminated with tiny plastic particles that are seeping in during the packaging process. Researchers tested 250 bottles of water around the world, and plastic was identified in 93% of the samples. The samples included those from some of world’s top water brands. The plastic debris included the chemicals which are used to make bottle caps.

Adds Hamilton, “Clearly, at this point in our history, people need to take the critical issue of clean water into their own hands. Water delivered in plastic bottles or, for that matter, any pre-packaged, single-serve water, is no longer acceptable. We at Vivreau are dedicated to employing our unsurpassed, independent technology to help deliver amazing quality drinking water for all, on demand and on-site.”

Vivreau’s popular, environmentally responsible bottling and dispense systems will serve as water stations at six locations throughout the TED2018 Conference, providing pure chilled sparkling and still water to all in attendance. Utilizing advanced micro-filtration technology, Vivreau’s water systems connect to local water lines and are extremely high performance and energy efficient; perfect for highly demanding corporate and hospitality environments.  Used in conjunction with their designer reusable glass bottles, Vivreau systems help clients reduce both their environmental and carbon footprints by eliminating the production, transportation, and disposal of traditional prepackaged bottled water.

Vivreau will also be supplying custom TED Vivreau Designer reusable glass bottles that will be used in the VIP-Green rooms, for the opening and closing receptions and notable, sanctioned events during the week of TED2018. At the end of the conference, the striking bottles will be given away as gifts to speakers and attendees.

While TED once stood for Technology, Entertainment, Design, the conference is much broader today, showcasing important ideas from a wide range of disciplines. The format is fast-paced: 100+ talks over the course of a week, as well as morning and evening get-togethers.

This theme of this year’s TED2018 conference is “The Age of Amazement,” and, among other things, will explore the fast pace of today’s technological, biomedical and scientific progress, and present some of the key developments driving this future, from jaw-dropping AI to new forms of creativity to courageous advocates.