June 1, 2021

Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital Case Study

Case Study

By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems

Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital

Centra is a regional nonprofit healthcare system that serves over 500,000 people through central and southern Virginia. As one of four hospitals, Virginia Baptist Hospital is home to the maternity facility, which encourages a family-centered approach to childbirth. The labor and delivery rooms and the Mother-Baby rooms have the look and feel of an upscale hotel.

Timothy Schoomaker, System Director and Executive Chef at Centra, wanted to offer patients an experience they could not find at other birthing centers with amenities like in-room premium filtered water, but without the single use plastic waste.

Centra installed two Vivreau high volume water dispensers and located them conveniently in the pre-labour and post-labour areas. Custom Vivreau bottles were ordered with the Centra logo on the front and a message about the healthcare center’s sustainability commitment on the back. Centra staff present families with chilled still or sparkling water each day in their rooms. Patients can take the Vivreau glass bottle home as a souvenir of their stay. Centra factors the cost of the bottle into the overall price of the patients’ stay at Virginia Baptist Hospital.

Director and Executive Chef

Chef Timothy Schoonmaker

“Hygiene is very important to us at Centra, and we’re very happy with the quality and taste of Vivreau water. The glass bottles with Centra Health’s logo are also a nice touch. The Vivreau system gives us an additional amenity that you do not normally see in a hospital.”

Employees also have access to the Vivreau water and as a result there is no bottled water being delivered to the facility anymore. Easy access to the Vivreau dispensers encourage staff to drink more water and fits nicely into the Centra employee Health & Wellness initiative called Healthworks, which is through the in-house insurance program provided to employees.

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