June 13, 2022

Fluid Design Report


By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems

The impact of design on people in the workplace

Many employees are now struggling to maintain healthy habits at home now that hybrid working is the norm – a lasting legacy of the pandemic. And with living costs soaring, working from home is becoming more expensive than commuting for one in five of us.

There’s now a growing opportunity for workplaces to engineer their design to boost productivity and encourage people to return to their desks. That’s why we have launched Fluid Design, a complete insights toolkit powered by exclusive research that reveals how design can transform the workplace and enrich the everyday lives of employees – with just a few small adjustments.

Better Amenities

Lack of space, unsuitable furniture and children at home all contribute to an unproductive working environment. Therefore, it’s no surprise that more than half (54%) of office workers do not feel their home set-up is well-designed, in comparison to their office. On top if this, more than a third (36%) most value hot and cold beverage amenities in their office design, with kitchen facilities (32%), shared space for socialising and collaborating (38%), meeting rooms (41%) and ergonomic desk set ups (38%) also ranking highly.

Finding Balance

More than three-quarters of workers admit it’s tougher to maintain healthy habits at home, while 76% have experienced an increase in screen time when working remotely (one-third of workers say their screen time increases by more than two hours each day!). Time constraints at home make it harder to take regular exercise, eat healthily and stay hydrated – so there are plenty of reasons frustrated employees will be seeking respite in the office.

Take a Break

High quality kitchen facilities are key social spaces, which are more essential than ever before to enable much-needed interaction after spending so much time communicating via video. Nearly a quarter of workers say they can’t stay healthy and hydrated while in the office because its beverage facilities are unappealing. The same number say hot and cold beverage facilities would draw them back to their office, so investing in these is crucial.

Top-quality kitchen facilities and water dispensers, serve to remind employees of the benefits of office life – and create comfortable spaces to connect and relax during the busy working day.


Download the Fluid Design report below: