November 24, 2023

Auberge Saint-Antoine Hotel 


By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems


Located in Quebec City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Auberge Saint-Antoine is more than a boutique hotel. The family-owned hotel represents a union of timeless elegance, contemporary comfort and effortless convenience at the heart of Canada’s richest historical district. A proud member of the Relais & Châteaux association of exceptional international luxury hotels and owned by the visionary Price family, Auberge Saint-Antoine provides guests with an authentic hotel experience during their stay in Quebec City, Canada.

The Challenge

Auberge Saint-Antoine’s previous water program was resulting in a large number of signle-use plastic waste and delivery and storage issues. Auberge was using a combination of ESKA single-use sparkling water and pitchers of tap water in their restaurants and banquets departments, as well as for turn down service in guest rooms. The hotel has a sustainability policy that is committed to improving the property’s ecological practices to come as close as possible to “zero impact”. The challenge was to meet these commitments while maintaining the highest level of quality and service for their guests.

The Solution 

For the restaurant and events, Auberge upgraded to Vivreau’s high-volume bottler, the V3-201, capable of pouring 200 liters of filtered chilled still and sparkling water per hour. The hotel has a prestigious brand and wanted to convey their environmental commitment to their guests. Vivreau’s Designer glass bottles were customized with the hotel’s logo and a sustainability message was printed on the back.

In the hotel’s Wellness and Spa area, Vivreau’s award winning Vi Tap 2H replaced the traditional water cooler. Guests now have access to great tasting chilled still and sparkling water plus hot water on demand for making hot beverages like tea after their massage.

The result has been an annual savings of 60,000 single-use plastic bottles and over 60 truck deliveries per year. Guests love the taste of the water and the fact it’s bottled on site in reusable glass bottles. The hotel has seen operation savings from less prepackaged bottle storage and added revenue from increased margins on their water sales.

Water Program Summary: Vi Tap 2H, V3-201, Designer Bottles

“At Auberge Saint-Antoine Hotel our objective is to continuously reduce our ecological footprint and minimize our use of plastic. We utilize Vivreau bottling systems for turn down service in guests rooms, in our restaurant and conference areas, and the self-serve Vi Tap at the Wellness Centre. We’ve personalized our Vivreau bottles with our hotel logo as it creates a unique touch. Our Vivreau water program saves the hotel 60,000 single use plastic bottles and over 60 truck deliveries per year.”