March 12, 2024

Vivreau wins best supporting role at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party


By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems

Vanity Fair

Vivreau takes center stage at the Vanity Fair oscar party

Vivreau was the hydration partner for the 2024 edition of the Vanity Fair Oscar Party this past weekend. This marks the company’s third consecutive year providing their premium, sustainable, and micro-filtered still and sparkling water to Hollywood’s finest.

“This partnership put sustainable water choices at center stage,” comments Drew Hamilton, Vivreau’s Managing Director. “It reminds us that local water can be transformed into something even better than the heavily marketed bottled stuff, and at a tiny fraction of the footprint and cost. I hope this partnership inspires people to consider plastic-free solutions.”

The event took place on March 10th and featured three of Vivreau’s Countertop Dispensing Systems to provide on-demand still and sparkling water. Water was served throughout the evening from Vivreau’s elegant reusable Designer bottles, custom branded with the Vanity Fair Oscar Party logo.

To bring the event’s 30th anniversary design to life, each bottle was engraved with a diamond tipped needle and hand painted with a gold filigree paint. The glass bottles eliminated the need for single-use plastic bottles at the event, furthering Vivreau’s goal of tackling the plastic crisis.

As a certified “Buy one, Pull one” partner, Vivreau has partnered with 4ocean to pull 5lbs of plastic waste out of the ocean – the equivalent of 144 plastic bottles – for every water dispenser sold. Designed for use in commercial spaces, Vivreau’s portfolio includes both counter-mounted and floor-standing water dispensers, custom branded glass bottles, and all natural flavor enhancers.

Vivreau’s sophisticated designs are engineered to meet the strict water taste and quality standards of an in-house team of water sommeliers – and Vanity Fair Oscar Party goers.