May 1, 2024

Ingredient Water for Coffee Excellence


By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems


Expert Interview with Philipp McNerney, Senior Manager Equipment at Odeko

In the world of specialty coffee, where each brew has its own story, one often overlooked element stands out: ingredient water. Water filtration is crucial to getting the highest quality ingredient water. To learn more about choosing the right equipment, filter, and maintenance plan, we had the pleasure of interviewing Phil McNerney, Senior Manager of Equipment at Odeko. Based in the heart of New York City, Odeko is one of Vivreau’s newest distribution partners.

Understanding Customer Needs

How would you describe the type of customers at Odeko?

Odeko caters to a diverse customer base, ranging from neighborhood cafes, bakeries, to small coffee chains, each with unique demands and expectations.

The importance of appropriate equipment

What is the important factor for your customers when deciding for a filtration product? 

When deciding for or against a filtration product, the primary concern is adhering to equipment manufacturer guidelines to maintain warranties, ultimately saving customers from costly repairs and downtime. The second would be helping customers to get to a water quality spec they are looking for to create a great tasting experience.

Why is it so important to have the appropriate equipment?

  1. Preventive Maintenance: Filtration equipment improves taste and product quality and protects equipment. Implementing the proper filtration can save our customers a tremendous amount in equipment repair bills. Equipment downtime results in lost profits. We pride ourselves in helping our customers choose the correct filtration to help increase their bottom line by reducing downtime.
  2. Customer specific use case: In the coffee industry, there are many types of equipment used in cafes for instance espresso machines, coffee machines, grinders, ice machines, combi ovens, etc. Having correctly sized equipment will help our customers keep up with high volume and rushes throughout the day.
  3. Ease of use: Some types of equipment may be preferred over others based on ease of use. Investing in training staff or getting service support can be expensive. We have recently seen customers choosing equipment that is easier to install and to operate.

What product and service offerings from Vivreau have contributed positively to your business operations?

The variable heads from Vivreau are easy to adjust and have a great built in flush system. Having a filter head with a built-in flush system is great because customers do not have to invest in additional fittings to build out a flush system. The flush system is very easy to use, giving our customers the ability to change out their own filters. Another benefit of the variable head is that it can help keep essential minerals in water for optimal equipment performance, and optimal end results in the consumed product. Water quality is different everywhere, so having the ability to adjust the heads is preferred to adapt to all situations.

Another real game changer is the PURITY C1100 XtraSafe filter from Vivreau which removes chlorides. High chlorides can lead to severe equipment damage. Previously, these were only removed through reverse osmosis. Having this option available in our product range is a great way to solve a persistent problem.

Driving Innovation

What do you value in our partnership between Odeko and Vivreau?

The PURITY C1100 XtraSafe filter from Vivreau has revolutionized the industry by offering a chlorides removal solution without the need for reverse osmosis. This innovative approach not only preserves essential minerals in water but also promotes water conservation—an essential consideration in today’s environmentally conscious landscape. It is great to see that Vivreau constantly invests in technology and new products such as the Vivreau Filter Selector. We look forward to seeing more of these forward-thinking solutions come to market.

Partnering for success

In your opinion, what sets our partnership apart?

When it comes to choosing partners, Odeko seeks partners who share the same values, commitment, and passion for creating an elevated customer experience. Through educational events, high quality products and exceptional service, Vivreau has become a crucial ally in Odeko’s pursuit of excellence. “We both share the passion for water.”

Creating exceptional experiences

What would you say is nowadays your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for us today is ensuring our customers understand the complexities of water. By prioritizing education, accessibility, and innovation, we are looking forward to jointly enhancing the coffee experience and empowering businesses to succeed in a competitive market.

3 secret tips for coffee perfection

Can you share your personal top 3 tips to create the perfect cup coffee?

Start with quality beans, serve with a smile, and ensure the water used meets recipe-quality standards through proper filtration.

World Brewers Cup Championship

To highlight the importance of water filtration in the coffee industry, Vivreau sponsored the World Brewers Cup Championship (WBrC) at this year’s Specialty Coffee Expo, organized by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) in Chicago. As one of the largest coffee events in North America, Vivreau supplied the water meeting the exact WCC specifications to ensure the Baristas were able to brew to their exacting standards. Vivreau’s certified water sommeliers were at the event to further educate the community on the importance of ingredient water. Book your consultation today to learn more about the most appropriate filtration for your business.

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