July 9, 2024

Vivreau Unveils Groundbreaking Extra C-Tap Water Dispenser


By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems

The most versatile water dispenser on the market.

Extra C-Tap

We are excited to announce the launch of our innovative, new Extra C-Tap water dispenser. With its advanced micro-filtration technology, the new dispenser offers five water types including unchilled and chilled still, chilled semi-sparkling and sparkling, and on-demand hot water, ensuring excellent-tasting water.

86% less CO2 emissions than single-use plastic bottles and 64% less than traditional water coolers

Built with sustainability in mind

A United Nations University Report found that the world currently generates around 600 billion plastic bottles annually, amounting to approximately 25 million tons of plastic waste, the majority of which is not recycled. Helping businesses meet their climate goals, the new Extra C-Tap is built with sustainability in mind, producing 86% less CO2 emissions than single-use plastic bottles and 64% less than traditional water coolers. It features low-energy consumption options, including boiler standby and night modes.

We’re thrilled to launch a cutting-edge product that builds upon the features of Vivreau’s best-selling Vi Tap Dispenser, making it our most versatile water dispenser to date. With its variety of options and state-of-the-art technology, the Extra C-Tap is an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles, and will serve as a premium amenity for an optimal water sensory experience.

Other Extra C-Tap features include:

  • ThermalGate™, an exclusive disinfection technology that periodically heats to 257 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent retrograde contamination and kill viruses and bacteria
  • Proven filtration technology ensures excellent-tasting cold and hot water and prevents limescale
  • Sleek and stylish brushed stainless-steel designer tap with a glass touch panel above the counter
  • Also available in Still-&-Sparkling-only option without hot water
  • An optional Easy Access Panel to create a barrier-free, inclusive working environment, which can be positioned to provide easy access for wheelchair users; helps meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements

The Extra C-Tap will be available for installations starting October 1, 2024, and will replace the top selling Vi Tap dispensers, which will be phased out in early 2025.

Lounge Bottle

In addition, Vivreau is also introducing a new Lounge Bottle, ideal for meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants and hospitality lounges. Like all Vivreau bottles, the Lounge Bottle is fully customizable with logos and branding. Made with premium glass designed for use in commercial dishwashers, the 750 milliliter Lounge Bottle is a reusable glass bottle for use with the Extra C-Tap and Vivreau’s complete range of dispensing and bottling solutions.