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Best Practices for our Touch-Centric World: Vivreau’s Top 5 Tips for a Hygienic Workplace

Realities of the Modern Work Environment

Whether in the coming weeks or in the coming months, sooner or later a return-to-work strategy is going to be implemented by your organization.

The fridge, coffee maker, and microwave in the staff pantry, the buttons on the elevator, the door handles to every office or board room, the dishes and serving implements in every dining facility, catering operation, or break room, the photocopier, thermostat, or conferencing AV equipment: all of these elements of the modern workplace (along with countless others) require direct contact by individuals and will continue to do so.


The New Normal

Decision makers and front line staff alike are understandably wary about a simple “return to normal” approach, as no one wants to see a repeat of the unprecedented isolation measures required of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facility managers, office administrators, and process employees are being asked to come up with ways to better safeguard the workspace. There is much discussion of a “New Normal”, the specifics of which are still largely unknown.

What is certain, however, is that there are a number of simple, effective, and existing measures available to us that must inform the New Normal, in which the conscious cooperation of everyone sharing a workspace is required.


Let Common Sense Prevail

In the case of engagement with Vivreau systems, these measures include:

1. Diligently Follow the Routine Cleansing and Sanitization Instructions for your System
These are explained in the Owner’s Manual provided with your system. If you need to retrieve your manual(s), you may do so here.


2. Keep Space between your Serving Vessel and the Dispensing Nozzles
This was true before the pandemic and remains true now: touching the drinking surface of your glass, cup, or sport bottle to the dispensing element of any beverage system is both unnecessary and inconsiderate to others. If this was not common practice or readily understood before, please consider the next item…


3. Display Proper Usage Signage
We all need a reminder now and then of the basic principles that can keep us safe and healthy in shared workspaces. Vivreau is happy to create a custom display sign to be positioned right next to your system, indicating the correct way to fill a vessel, sanitize, and be mindful of others.


4. Share the Work
Keep recommended cleaning agents and disinfectants ready at hand and encourage the whole team to chip in to the quick but necessary job of routinely cleaning the heavy use items around the office. Only through active participation and a collective mindset committed to better hygiene practices will workspace safety be achieved.


5. Wash those Hands
You heard it a million times throughout forced isolation, but the truth is that this straightforward measure, when exercised by an entire workforce, remains the best form of prevention against the transmission of viral and bacterial infection.


Remember what it’s all for

Vivreau water programs ensure that the highest quality, micro-filtered water is available to everyone.

Remember that single serve, pre-packaged beverages have travelled a long way, and through countless hands, to get to their destination. There is no control or reliable oversight of this process, so you quite literally never know where that bottle has been.

Vivreau gives you full control over your water program and the assurance that, with the practices described above, you are providing the safest, highest quality, and most reliable hydration on the market.


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