January 17, 2024

Vivreau Partners with 4Ocean “Buy One, Pull One” Initiative


By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems

4ocean partnership

For every water dispenser sold, Vivreau will pull 5lbs of plastic from the ocean.

Vivreau Water partners with 4Ocean in “Buy One, Pull One” initiative.

‘Buy One, Pull One’ Initiative – Combat Plastic Pollution and Promote Environmental Sustainability

Vivreau is proud to announce its partnership with 4ocean, a global organization dedicated to cleaning the world’s oceans and coastlines. For every water dispenser sold, Vivreau will pull 5lbs of plastic from the ocean through 4ocean’s Buy one, Pull one initiative.  

This initiative represents a powerful step forward in the fight against plastic pollution and highlights both companies’ commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation.

“The ‘Buy One, Pull One’ partnership with 4ocean reflects Vivreau’s dedication to environmental stewardship,” comments Drew Hamilton, Managing Director at Vivreau. “We are not only providing our customers with sustainable water solutions but also actively participating in the global effort to combat plastic pollution.”

Vivreau’s state-of-the-art water dispensers are renowned for their on-demand micro-filtered still and sparkling water, enabling companies to reduce the cost, waste, and CO2 emissions involved in ordering, transporting, and storing pre-packaged water. The dispensers unlock sustainable hydration and, by partnering with 4ocean, Vivreau takes its commitment to sustainability a step further, contributing directly to the removal of plastic debris from our oceans.

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