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Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital Case Study

Centra is a regional nonprofit healthcare system that serves over 500,000 people through central and southern Virginia. As one of four hospitals, Virginia Baptist Hospital is home to the maternity facility, which encourages a family-centered approach to childbirth. The labor and delivery rooms and the Mother-Baby rooms have the look and feel of an upscale…

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Law Office Case Study

Client: Confidential Location: Los Angeles, CA Vivreau Solution: V3-205 + Vi Tap 2H + Branded Bottles Client Since: August 2018 Estimated Annual Savings: $42,000 Pounds of Carbon Saved Annually: 2,373 lbs   BACKGROUND This global law firm client has offices in the Americas, Asia and Europe. They are passionate about sustainability and have implemented several…

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Do Not Abandon Hope All Ye Who Re-Enter Here!

Hold on to your sound environmental principles and responsible business practices as part of your post-COVID business reality.   Let’s call this a PSA and cut straight to the chase by addressing the misconception that bottled water represents a “best foot forward” in the post-COVID workplace. Look, it’s a big marketplace out there, there is…

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Vivreau System Procedures for Workplace Re-Entry

We recognize that many businesses across the continent are preparing for re-entry into the shared work environment. If your workplace is to re-open after an extended period of shut-down, there are important procedures related to your Vivreau Water System that we strongly encourage you to follow closely. These procedures exist to ensure the continued wellness…

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Clean Drinking Water Gives Businesses Sustainability Edge

In Partnership With The National Post and Media Planet     Forward thinking enterprises seeking ways to increase their sustainability efforts may find some lasting progress in how they handle their drinking water. Enterprises looking to build a more sustainable practice have been seeking the services of companies like Vivreau for its water filtration and…

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Vivreau Team leads a Shoreline Cleanup

Last week, the Vivreau HQ office led a Shoreline cleanup in downtown Vancouver’s Crab Park. The cleanup was part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, an initiative through Ocean Wise and also WWF (World Wildlife Foundation). Since 1994, there have been 21,300 cleanups that have collected more than 1.3 million kg of trash across Canada’s…

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The Vivreau Durable Wave bottle

NOW AVAILABLE Your pool, spa, rooftop, and recreation facilities are important revenue generating extensions of your business. Do not compromise on style or quality just because glass drinking vessels are not suitable. The Vivreau Wave is unlike any other offering on the market. Made from BPA-free, durable, commercial dishwasher safe plastic, the Wave is covered…

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