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Stay on top of Vivreau’s latest headlines, from features in prominent trade publications to sightings of our signature designer bottles in the hands of celebrities!

Vivreau HQ Shoreline Cleanup

Vivreau Team leads Shoreline Cleanup

Last week, the Vivreau HQ office led a Shoreline cleanup in downtown Vancouver’s Crab Park. The cleanup was part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, an initiative through Ocean Wise and also WWF (World Wildlife Foundation). Since 1994, there have been 21,300 cleanups that have collected more than 1.3 million kg of trash across Canada’s…

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Introducing: The Vivreau Tritan Wave bottle

Your pool, spa, rooftop, and recreation facilities are important revenue generating extensions of your business. Do not compromise on style or quality just because glass drinking vessels are not suitable. The Vivreau Wave is unlike any other offering on the market. Made from BPA-free durable Tritan plastic, the Wave is covered in a fashionable, contemporary…

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Going Plastic Free

Welcome to July – bringing with it sunny days, outdoor adventures, and plenty of events and activities. With all the fun, however comes an increase in single use plastic waste. From plastic water bottles on a hike, to plastic forks and straws from the concession stand at lunch, waste reduction often gives way to convenience…

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Why you should have a Corporate Wellness Program

In our buzzing Yaletown head office in downtown Vancouver, it can be hard to pull our team away from some of the interesting projects we currently have on the go here at Vivreau. But twice a week, we pull out the yoga mats, fill up our water bottles at the office Wellness Station’s ViTap,  and…

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Meet the ViTap Water Dispenser

With a luxurious chrome exterior and intuitive LED touch screen control panel, Vivreau’s Vi Tap water dispenser was born to make a statement. Its sleek design combines three premium filtered drinking water options – chilled still, sparkling, and hot water all from one tap. The design minimizes its footprint on counter space real estate, while delivering…

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What’s in your water?

Grabbing a glass of water is part of most daily routines, but stopping to consider exactly what we are consuming is often an afterthought. Many people are fortunate enough to have drinkable water straight from the tap, but most countries cannot provide tap water that is guaranteed safe to consume. Water is critical to maintaining…

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