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Cost savings without sacrifice

A well-known brand reduced the cost of their water program by 86%elevated their brand, and improved the staff and guest experience.

Seamless from the start to finish, the experience with Vivreau was simply exceptional. From the initial contact with a prompt and professional assistance, to a very smooth and hassle-free ordering, shipping and installation process, every single step has exceeded our expectations. Not only do we see now our employees line up, smiling, and enjoying their bubbly or hot water from the Vivreau system, but we also see the added positive vibe at Jukebox!

Reduce staff burden

Ditch refillable water carafes and opt for water on-demand. Always on, perfectly chilled, micro-filtered, and ready to meet your hydration needs

Increase efficiencies

Spend your time where it matters most. Reclaim the time spent ordering, managing, and storing water deliveries. 

Learn how a Vivreau tap can save your budget without compromising your standards.​

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More Benefits

At its core, Vivreau is about sustainability, in every sense of that term, including environmental stewardship, human health and wellness, positive social change, and financial responsibility. Vivreau clients employ our systems to meet a variety of important objectives, oftentimes checking numerous boxes at once through the adoption of an integrated water solution.

Environmental Sustainability

The core of what we do. See an immediate, measurable impact on your sustainable footprint.

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Health and Wellness

Water is the most essential ingredient to good health. Drink it deeply, drink it often.

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Brand Building

Your name, prominently displayed on an eye-catching symbol of sustainability and wellness, for all to see.

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