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Extra C-Tap

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Unchilled and chilled still, sparkling and semi-sparkling, and hot water

The most versatile water dispenser on the market.

Key features

  • Choice of up to five water types: unchilled and chilled still, chilled semi-sparkling and sparkling – plus hot water on demand
  • Sleek design: brushed stainless-steel designer tap with glass touch panel above the counter; filter, carbonator, cooler and boiler out of sight below
  • Low energy consumption: features boiler standby/ night modes
  • ThermalGate™: Exclusive technology periodically heats to 257°F to prevent retrograde contamination and kill viruses and bacteria
  • A premium amenity for the optimal water sensory experience
  • Advanced micro-filtration reduces limescale build up
  • Compatible with all Vivreau bottles
  • Still or Sparkling? Also available in Still-&-Sparkling-only option without hot water.

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Specs, BIM files and more in Design Center

We had several options, but often, it’s the people behind with their dedication to their mission that plays a major part in the decision-making. The consultancy provided by Vivreau Water Experts was far apart from the others that we had talked to.

Seamless from the start to finish, the experience with Vivreau was simply exceptional. From the initial contact with a prompt and professional assistance, to a very smooth and hassle-free ordering, shipping and installation process, every single step has exceeded our expectations. Not only do we see now our employees line up, smiling, and enjoying their bubbly or hot water from the Vivreau system, but we also see the added positive vibe at Jukebox!

Dimension and Specifications

Up to five water types: unchilled or chilled still, semi-sparkling and sparkling – plus instant hot water e.g. for tea

  • Average output capacity: 85 l/h
  • Unit dimensions:
    • Tall tap: (H x D) 16 1/4 x 8 1/4
  • Dispensing height:
    • 13 inch
  • Fits into base cabinet with the following dimensions (W X H X D)
    • 30 X 30 X 24 inch

Without a robust safeguard, microorganisms on the wet tap can go on to contaminate the dispenser. Our ThermalGate™ technology automatically and regularly heats the tap to disinfect it. So you can sit back and relax – knowing you have a proactive, powerful defence against germs.

Easy Access Panel
  • Control unit can be positioned at a low height, e.g. for wheelchair users
  • Helps create a barrier-free environment and meet inclusion and anti-discrimination requirements
  • Two installation options:
    • Angled
    • Flat: on countertop / Flat: on cabinet front
Safety Features

Built-in safety includes leakage detection, emergency shut-off, and an anti-scalding feature. The boiler is equipped with sensors to detect overheating.

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