Package Contents

A safe water program is Essential to your workplace.

Your package includes:

‘Vivreau Dispenser of your Choice

‘Display Signage

We all need a reminder now and then of the basic principles that can keep us safe and healthy in shared workspaces. Vivreau is happy to include a durable display sign to be positioned right next to your system, indicating the correct way to fill a vessel, sanitize, and be mindful of others.

‘Antimicrobial Film

Transparent, self-adhesive films that are efficient against COVID-19. The films have been specifically designed for the touchpad/touch handles of your water dispenser

‘Sanitization Kit

This FDA-approved kit includes sanitizing essentials like hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and disinfectant all-surface wipes

Myth of Touchless

Touchless systems give a false sense of security because they do not foster the necessary habit of sanitizing
regularly. They are easily contaminated and require exactly the same level of sanitization as touch systems.

The Fridge. The coffee machine. The dishwasher. The microwave. The cabinets. The kettle.

The doors.The elevator. The bathroom stalls. The copier. The supply cabinets. The blinds.

All of these things, and so many more items around your workspace, are not touchless. They need to be cleaned regularly. So does your water dispenser. It always did, now it does even more.

Please refer to your Vivreau Advanced Water Systems User Manual for Detailed Instructions on routine system sanitization.

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Advanced Micro Filtration

The most effective filtration method for removing chlorine and chloramine is activated carbon. Vivreau’s 0.2 micron carbon block filtration offers the purest water available, supplied directly from your own water mains. This filter takes out 99.9% of undesired contents from the water, including cysts, pathogens, and chemical contaminants while leaving beneficial minerals intact.

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