• AquaAroma Crema

AquaAroma Crema

Full aroma and taste

The compact solution for mobile coffee machines. Less limescale, more aroma and taste.


  • Suitable for coffee machines with specially designed integrated water tank systems (suction operation)
  • Comes with an aroma ring to adjust to your local water quality
  • Enjoy lower operating costs
  • Serve guests coffee with improved taste, aroma and crema
  • Constant water pressure and temperature during the entire brewing process
  • Easy installation and exchange by user
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Product Details

The filter cartridge is suitable for use in coffee and espresso machines with an integrated water tank. The interface of the water tank should ideally be molded in a way so that it can host the cartridge directly – otherwise an adapter must be used.


The AquaAroma Crema filter cartridge reduces carbonate hardness in drinking water to protect coffee and espresso machines against scale build-up. In addition, the filter material reduces the level of substances that impair the smell and taste such as chlorine.

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