May 16, 2024

Beyond the Tap – Episode 1


By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems

Episode 1


As a certified Water Sommelier and our director of Professional Filter in North America, Anastasia Chovan is truly an expert on water. In this class, she will explain how seasonality impacts your beverage and teach you how you can protect your equipment and improve your beverage taste. Your best water taste experience starts now.

“Beyond the Tap” Brand New Video Series

In this series debut, Anastasia will deepen your understanding of how environmental factors can impact the quality and taste of water, while sharing exclusive insights and best practices to elevate your drinking experience.

We had the great opportunity to film our series at the brand new La Marzocco showroom located at 31 East 5th Ave in Mount Pleasant, in partnership with Stealth Coffee. This space is a center for learning, innovation and community connection. It embodies a unique blend of Italian craftmanship and combines the perfect elements for our first episode: “Seasonal changes in water”.

Join us for your best water taste experience.

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