Plus, wow residents with a premium amenity

A Vivreau water dispenser unlocks a sustainable source of premium, micro-filtered still and sparkling water.  

The best part? It’s sodium-free, meaning your residents can enjoy their sparkling water without worry of complications. Sparkling water has also been shown to stimulate saliva production and ease pill swallowing. 

Still or Sparkling?

That’s a decision your residents can make on a daily basis with a Vivreau water dispenser on site. Discover how on-demand access to high-quality still and sparkling water can improve hydration, reduce staff burden, and bolster hygiene.

‘Free up staff to manage other foodservice tasks

Instead of restocking bottles or refilling water pitchers, your staff can focus on other elements of the foodservice program while residents enjoy on-demand, great tasting water.  

‘Hospital-grade hygiene technology

Health, safety, and hygiene are likely top priorities for you. 

To support this, Vivreau’s newest water dispensers include three layers of protection against microbial cysts and bacteria, including legionella

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Looking for a cost-effective way to boost employee morale and bolster staff retention initiatives? Putting great-tasting still, sparkling, and hot water at your team’s fingertips can show them they are valued without breaking the bank.

October 11, 2023 1-2 PM ET

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