October 14, 2017

The Fairmont Copley Plaza

Case Study

By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems

Break-out Meetings Program

Current Daily Bottled Water Profile: 

  1. Break-out meetings:  Providing an average of 118.3 bottles per day at a cost of
    $0.81 per bottle.
  2. Program cost per day = $95.89  


  1. Reduce bottled water costs by looking to a sustainable alternative
  2. Provide an elegant alternative to traditional bottled water
  3. Reduce the amount of one-time use vessels that end up in landfills/oceans

VIVREAU Water Program at The Fairmont Copley Plaza:

1. Installing (1) Main Bottling System.

2. VIVREAU Program cost per day = $14.28

3. Additional bottles for program = $2.30 ($840yr)


Annual Savings:  $28,948.15
Program Saving Percentage: 82.7%
Bottles Saved from Landfills: 43,070 +