April 20, 2021

Atlantis Casino Uses Vivreau Water to Divert 1 Million Plastic Bottles Per Year from Waste Streams

Case Study

By Vivreau Advanced Water Systems

Atlantis Casino

The Food & Beverage team continues Atlantis’ commitment to the environment by making the switch to sustainable water systems.

Reno, NV “Would you like still or sparkling water?”  The desired beverage often arrives in a single use plastic bottle. However, positive changes are well underway at Atlantis Casino as it embraces an aggressive plastic reduction program through sustainable water service. Guests of Atlantis Casino Resort Spa now enjoy premium filtered water, sourced on-site, through Vivreau Water Systems.

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa has partnered with Vivreau Advanced Water Systems to install sustainable water dispensers across the casino at key high-volume service locations. Local Reno water is purified through advanced carbon filtration and chilled by the water system, ultimately to be served as still or sparkling, on demand.

The systems effectively transform Atlantis Casino Resort Spa into its own renewable water bottler, replacing millions of single use plastic water bottles. In doing so, it significantly curtails the practice of ordering pallets of bottled water for use throughout the property, which includes the issues of bottle storage and refrigeration, and most worryingly, waste production and disposal that is inconsistent with the property’s eco-friendly objectives.

Atlantis Casino’s Corporate Director of Food and Beverage.

Chira Pagidi

“Atlantis is committed to providing the best possible water in the most sustainable way. We’re saving in excess of 1 million single use water bottles per year by switching to Vivreau systems, and our guests appreciate the great tasting complimentary water, as well as the fact that it is locally sourced. ”